Frequently Asked Questions

Marathon FXTrade, a powerful platform for Forex, binary options and bitcoin mining
Successful trading on financial markets begins with a comfortable and multi-functional trading platform. Marathon FXTrade is the best choice for the modern traders!
Marathon FXTrade is an institutional multi-asset platform offering outstanding trading and mining possibilities and technical analysis tools, as well as enabling the use of automated trading systems (trading robots) and copy trading. Marathon FXTrade is an all-in-one platform for trading Forex, binary options and bitcoin mining.
Marathon FXTrade allows you to enjoy the freedom of movement to the full extent you can stay active while trading and mining from smartphones and tablets. The Web Platform provides even more possibilities and allows you to work from any web browser and any device. By choosing the most convenient way from a variety of options, you can trade and mine 24 hours a day!
Additional services expand the functionality of the platform making its capabilities almost limitless. Marathon FXTrade offers the built in Market of trading robots, the Freelance database of strategy developers, Copy Trading and the Virtual Hosting service (Forex VPS). Use all these services from one place, and access new trading opportunities!
Millions of users around the world choose Marathon FXTrade, attracted by the platform's exceptional advantages. For all of these users, we have created the largest community of traders, miners and we invite you also to join the Marathon FXTrade community. On the community website, you can make use of thousands of free trading robots and trading signals and copy deals of successful traders, discuss trading strategies and much more. Sign up now and join an abundance of trading fans!

We have made average Joes millionaires and high net worth individuals much higher. During the bear market, we protect our clients funds and stay ready to catch the bottom. We far outperform holding and most other actively traded fund management firms.

You do not need to install any software in order to trade on our platform.

We do not offer demo accounts however we recommend that you contact us and one of our knowledgeable account managers will be able to help you to set up an account and learn to trade.

Opening an account is very easy all you need is to record your first name, last name, phone number and e-mail. You can register by clicking here "here link to register page" If you encounter any problems while opening an account, please contact our support team at support@marathonfxtrade.com.

There is no cost to register and open and account with us, however in order for you to begin Mining, a deposit will be mandatory. That may require, entering your credit card/ banking information.

All traders are responsible for all tax liabilities in their area of residence. We highly recommend that you check if tax laws in your jurisdiction apply.

We use the internationally accepted security system SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that encrypts all credit card payments over the internet. SSL is the encryption system used by large corporations such as Bank of America, Google, Amazon, and many others.

The smallest account that we offer is for $1000.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 units in your selected currency, unless less than this amount remains in your account. In this case, you may make a final withdrawal of the remainder of your funds.

You can withdraw your funds as often as you like. For more information about withdrawals please visit our withdrawal section.

You can make as many simultaneous trades as you wish. There are no restrictions on the number of trades you can make at one given time.

You can trade on our platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, some of our options and assets are not available all the time. For example, 60 Seconds trades are available Monday through Friday, 24/5. For a list of Mining hours for all of our assets please visit our Asset Index.

You can contact us via email, phone or by clicking on our LiveChat option which is displayed on our platform.
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